Systemic reform in public education is very difficult, however, school districts around the country have found they can change faster and more successfully if they have an effective and trusted outside partner working with them. These partners provide much-needed assistance to identify needs and recruit financial and in-kind support. They convene communities of investors to help them better understand the top priorities of a district—those key projects that will most significantly impact student achievement.

In addition, corporate and philanthropic organizations that support school reform also benefit from a partner who can help define programmatic agreements with the district and steward their investment through the implementation process. This partner helps investors identify the projects that will have the greatest impact on student achievement and holds the district accountable for results. In San Francisco, the San Francisco School Alliance is that trusted partner. The Board and Executive team of SFSA have forged deep relationships with SFUSD and its leadership, as well as with the funding community. The outcome of this partnership has been an unprecedented level of collaboration accompanied by resources secured by SFSA, all focused on improving education for San Francisco’s students.