List of Programs

Here are brief descriptions of our Fiscal Sponsor Programs, along with links for you to explore more about these organizations.

Arts Program at Moscone Elementary

The program’s goals are to promote creativity, discipline, and self-confidence among children and to encourage them to continue in their academic studies.

Bay Area College Success Network

BACSN is an association of college scholarship and direct service non-profits, policy and advocacy organizations, charter schools, government agencies, university based programs, and foundation providers that focus on ensuring the successful transition of students from high school to college, and provide students with the tools and support that will enable them to successfully persist through college.

Ben Baum Scholarship

A scholarship named in honor of the late Ben Baum that rewards one Lowell High graduate attending UC Berkeley with a $1,000/year for four years.

Career Launch

The Career Launch in the Schools Project provides access to youth employment programming for a large population of under-served youth while helping public high schools meet educational objectives for career awareness and job readiness.

Childcare Planning & Advisory Council (CPAC)

A collaborative of child care stakeholders, including parents, teachers, providers, city agency representatives creates and advocates for an early care and education agenda in San Francisco.


Founded by public school parents, edMatch challenges corporations and private philanthropists to “match” funds raised in San Francisco’s public schools, then distributes the matching funds to all the City’s 113 schools on a per-student basis.

Empowering Youth with Disabilities

Beginning in 2007, the EYD project brings junior high and high school students together with adult mentors with disabilities. For a five month duration the adult mentors work in the classroom on skill development and increasing the student’s participation in class activities. These learning relationships benefit both students and mentors.

Jinshan Mandarin Education Council

JMEC’s mission is to support and enrich the Mandarin Immersion program and Mandarin Dual Language Pathway at SFUSD.  The program supports the SFUSD program by providing articulation support, teacher support, family/ student support, and cultural experience opportunities.

Principals of the Arts

Principals of the Arts, part of SFUSD’s Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), puts the relationship between school leaders and artists at the core of in-school arts programming.   The program is a professional development model that exposes school leaders to the arts in San Francisco in order to develop their capacity to champion arts education at their respective school sites.

San Francisco Beacon Initiative

The San Francisco Beacon Initiative supports the work and practices of eight innovative youth and family centers where young people, their families – all community members – can receive academic tutoring, explore career options, and pursue their dreams.

San Francisco Family Support Network

The mission of the San Francisco Family Support Network is to work collectively to achieve quality programs, coordination of resources, and policies that support all San Francisco families.

Education Outside

Education Outside helps to build sustainable garden systems by offering access to resources and educational support for San Francisco public school communities who are working to create outdoor learning environments on school grounds.

School Sports Fund

The School Sports Fund was created by Don Collins to support the San Francisco Unified School District’s Athletic programs. The School Sports Fund exists to sustain valuable athletic programs that are jeopardized by limited funding.

SF Team

The San Francisco Together Education Accomplishes More (SF TEAM) is a program that partners schools and community based organizations to provide academic support and literacy-rich expanded learning opportunities to San Francisco youth.


The SFUSD Elves program provides focused direct support to San Francisco youth in transition, in particular, homeless youth.

Transitional Age Youth Initiative (TAY)

Develop recommendations on how San Francisco could improve outcomes for San Francisco’s most vulnerable transitional youth—those ages 16 through 24 who are disconnected from education, employment, and social support systems.

Tule Elk Park Project

Garden project at Tule Elk Child Development Center.

Youth Employment Coalition

The Youth Employment Coalition is an alliance of community-based agencies convened to address youth employment issues in San Francisco.


A project to familiarize students with the election process through development of voter education curriculum to implement in the social studies department of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD).