Maisin Scholar Award

The Maisin Scholar Award is designed to support students in the SFUSD who have demonstrated financial need and an interest in continuing their education. Each year it provides 75 high school seniors with as much as $2000 annually for up to four years so that they can achieve their dreams.

The Maisin Scholar Award is designed to support the needs of economically disadvantaged students in SFUSD, whose strengths initially were not their academic performance, but rather, their unwavering commitment to future goals. These students are capable of extraordinary things, when given the support they deserve. The Maisin Scholar Award gives these students a chance to succeed, when others have already determined they will fail.

Founded in 2001 by a grant from the Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation of the Jewish Community Federation’s Endowment Fund, the Award intends to equalize opportunities for students who have not had the resources to excel in school. In addition to financial support, the Maisin Award provides scholars with college and career counseling, positive adult role models and an extended network of peers.

SFSA created the Maisin Scholar Award because we believe every young person has unlimited potential to succeed when they are amply supported and provided equal access to opportunity. Understanding that education is pertinent to achieving one’s goals, Maisin Scholars are students who clearly demonstrate their commitment to their education and have articulated their pathway to realize their dreams.

No student should miss out on a meaningful education, solely because they lack financial means or an exemplary academic record. The Maisin Scholar Award aims to offer support when there may be none, open doors when they may seem closed, and help to remove obstacles that may stand in the way of youth and their dreams.

We strive for an appropriate demographic distribution of awards based upon the composition of the SFUSD. Also note that we attempt to award at least one eligible student from each SFUSD high school.